About us

My students say I’m a demanding and understanding teacher. It’s true. I like rules and accuracy but I apply everything with sensitivity. I am attentive and astute even at Stile Libero, in everything from breakfast to the furnishings, the right words at the right time or silence”.(Laura)

One of my favourite books is “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. It’s the story of a journey to discover people rather that places. I’ve always based my career, my hobbies and my travels on this concept. This is also how I face the day at Stile Libero: I welcome guests with curiosity, ready to listen to their needs”. (Guido)

We’re here and then we’re gone. We study, travel, work and live life thinking of the future. If we meet at Stile Libero, we will not only help our parents but we’ll have the pleasure of meeting new people, speaking other languages, discovering new stimuli”. (Francesca and Alessandro)