The history and the project

Stile Libero is adjacent to a small eighteenth century villa formerly owned by a noble family in Bergamo who used it as their country home to manage their lands and fields. The manor homes in Orio al Serio were built around the church and centre of the town. Various changes of hand and renovations during the 1800s and early 1900s, with the construction of adjacent buildings, distorted the original traits of this prestigious residence until 2010 when the current owners, Laura and Guido, launched a building recovery plan with the conservative renovation of the original eighteenth century part and the harmonic reconstruction of the adjacent buildings.

Under the attentive direction of the Studio Peretti (architecture and engineering) and Chiappa-Didonè renovators, stylishly renovated to include the interior frescoes, the Stile Libero building now stands next to the manor house. Designed with “small hotel” logic, it overlooks the same internal courtyard as the period residence. During renovations special attention was paid to energy savings, soundproofing and respect for the buildings’ history.

If you wish, the owners will be happy to show you the frescoes rooms, some details of the villa renovations and narrate its history.